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Program for oral presentation

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Program for poster presentation

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Program for LATE poster presentation

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Presentation guidelines

Oral presentation:
IMPORTANT! Videoprojection of presentations/ slides at conference rooms of Nara-ken New Public Hall, is operated through an integrated system that does not allow the connection of speakersf personal computers. Instead you will be required to upload your presentation file(s) in the system by means of USB flash drive (or CD-ROM) before your session at Business Center. Technical assistance will be available for your uploading, checking/converting your files.

Presentation time:      Data uploading deadline
Monday morning:      Sunday, 13:00-15:00
Monday afternoon:      Monday, 12:20
Tuesday morning:      Monday, 18:00
Tuesday afternoon:      Tuesday, 12:20
Wednesday morning:      Tuesday, 18:00
Thursday morning:      Wednesday, 12:20
Thursday afternoon:      Thursday, 12:20
Friday morning:      Thursday, 18:00

Accepted file formats: PPT, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint), PDF (Adobe Reader), files will be read on an MS-Windows platform. For MS PowerPoint 2007/2010 users: the PPTX format is natively recognized (PowerPoint 2010 used): no need to convert your file into PPT (97-2003) format. *We wonft prepare PowerPoint 2013.

Embedded / attached / related media: Prefer standard image (JPG, BMP, GIF) and video (WMV) formats (use of a standard codec for videos); Avoid other media formats (as well as eexoticf fonts); Attached/related media (e.g. videos) not included in the presentation file, must be located in the same folder as the parent file (use relative file location for links).

*** For Macintosh users ***
IMPORTANT! Macintosh formats (e.g. Apple Keynote) are NOT supported by the system. Your presentation file(s) must be fully compatible with MS-Windows environment, especially all included/attached images and movies. Do not use Mac OS specific formats PICT (image) or MOV (movie), and stick to standard JPG, BMP, GIF, WMV formats. Be careful with vector graphics (e.g. chemical structures) generated by specific software. Check your presentation under Windows.
Otherwise, please carry your personal computer and a connector between your computer and a projector in the conference room of Nara-ken NewPublic Hall.

Poster presentation: Posters must be printed typically in height 119 cm x width 84 cm. Posters will be exhibited during the whole conference, from Monday, July 7th (12:00) | Friday, 11th (13:00) (Reception hall unavailable on Sunday, July 6th). Poster session core time will be 13:30-14:30, Tuesday, July 8th and Thursday, July 10th.
IMPORTANT! Poster boards at Nara-ken New Public Hall exclusively accommodate hairpin clips for hanging material. Appropriate hairpin clips will be available at the registration desk and/or in the exhibition hall. Glue and Scotch tape, are not allowed.

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